Fume Funnel

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Fume Funnel

TypeSolid block
TC4 Aspects



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The Fume Funnel is a block from the Witchery mod. This block acts as an upgrade for the Witches Oven, that increases it's speed by about 10%. Additionally, it will increase the possibility of a fume-byproduct by about 25%.

A Fume Funnel must be placed on the left, the right, or the top of a Witches Oven to operate properly, and only three funnels can be used on a single oven. The third funnel can be placed on top of the oven, and will increase the speed by about 10%, but it will not increase the possibility of a byproduct.

A Fume Funnel can be upgraded into a Filtered Fume Funnel, to improve the upgrades further.

Recipe[edit | edit source]