Garden (Biomes O' Plenty)

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This page is about the Garden added by Biomes O' Plenty. For other uses, see Garden.
BiomesOPlenty Garden 1.jpg
ModBiomes O' Plenty
Forestry Climate
TemperatureNormal (70%)
HumidityDamp (80%)

The Garden is a biome added by Biomes O' Plenty. The biomes is a hilly plain with some giant flowers, small Oak Trees as well as many Grass and small flowers. The soil consists normal Dirt, and thus directly usable for agriculture. On the surface the dirt is converted into Long Grass Blocks with a flower texture. Water blocks have the normal blue color and the precipitation falls as rain. The abundant vegetation is listed in the tables below.

If Forestry is installed, then the Forest Hive can be found in the biome.

Vegetation[edit | edit source]

Icon Name

Giant flowers with a green stem and red or yellow leaves

Icon Name

Blue Hydrangea



Medium Grass


Short Grass

Wheat Grass
Icon Name

Gallery[edit | edit source]