Gas-Burning Generator

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Gas-Burning Generator

Required modulesMekanism: Generators
Blast resistance24
Liquid storage20,000 mB
TC6 Aspects






EU storage2,000 EU
Max EU output40 EU/t
MJ storage0.02 MJ
Max MJ output0.0004 MJ/t
RF storage8,000 RF
Max RF output160 RF/t
Tesla storage8,000 T
Max Tesla output160 T/t

The Gas-Burning Generator is a generator added by Mekanism. It is used to burn flammable gases like Hydrogen to produce energy.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Energy production[edit | edit source]

Picture 1: The Gas-Burning Generator (left) produces energy from hydrogen delivered by an Electrolytic Separator (middle).

The Generator needs flammable gases (e.g., Hydrogen) to produce energy, which can be supplied manually via storage items, like the Basic Gas Tank or through Basic Pressurized Pipes. As shown in picture 1, the Generator can be supplied with Hydrogen from a Electrolytic Separator. The produced energy can delivered to a connected Basic Universal Cable, an adjacent machine or Basic Energy Cube, or it can be used to charge portable energy storage cells like the RE-Battery and items inside the GUI.

GUI[edit | edit source]

Picture 2: GUI of the Gas-Burning Generator.

Right-clicking on the machine opens its GUI (shown in picture 2).

Slots[edit | edit source]

  • The plus and minus slots can be used to input or extract a gas respectively manually into the internal storage, e.g., with a Basic Gas Tank.
  • The filling level indicator in the middle shows the internal gas storage.
  • The green slot and the vertical meter on the right side accepts rechargeable portable power storage (such as a Basic Energy Cube or RE-Battery) and displays the current energy in the machine respectively.

Side-buttons[edit | edit source]

  • The middle-right button opens the GUI to configure the access rights for the machine.
  • The lower-right button changes the behavior to Redstone:
    • "High" = operates only if a signal is received
    • "Low" = operates only if no signal is received
    • "Disabled" = operates independent of receiving signals


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