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Geology Vol. 1

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Geology Vol. 1

ModGregTech 4

Geology Vol. 1 is one of many Written Books that may be found in dungeons to help you learn how to use GregTech 4.

Text[edit | edit source]

In this Book I explain to you how to find Ores, and where to find Ores under normal circumstances. I don't guarantee you to find anything after you read this Book, but your chances should be higher after that.

First of all you need the proper equipment. You should have at least one Prospectors Hammer with you to find out if there are Ores close by. Just hammer onto regular Rock and you will see if there are traces of whatever Ore.

But not only that, you can also hear if there is something behind this Rock, like Water, Lava or a Cave. Or Silverfish if you are unfortunate. If you find traces of the Ore you are looking for you should Dig out the Area around you to find it.

As soon as you found the Ore, take a Sign, paint a Picture of whatever Ore you found on it, place it down, yell Yipee and send your Boss a Letter about you finding the Ore. That's how I do it, and I did my Job very well.

But now about where to find the Ores in the normal World. Some Ores can only be found in certain Areas, they behave as follows:

Coal Ore: You can find it almost everywhere, in fact it is everywhere.

Iron Ore: This can only be found Underground below Ocean Level.

Gold Ore: It is usually found below Y-Level 32 deep Underground.

Redstone Ore: Is usually deep Underground below Y-Level 16, but there are tons of it.

Diamond Ore: You find it very deep Underground, below Y-Level 16.

Emerald Ore: A very rare Ore, which can only be found in Mountainous Areas and below Y-Level 32 in form of single Blocks.

Galena Ore: This Silver and Lead containing Ore can be found anywhere below Y-Level 32 in large but rare Clusters.

Iridium Ore: Extremly rare. You can find it anywhere, but it is so rare that you won't find much of it.

Ruby Ore: Found only in very dry Areas, like Deserts and Wastelands for example. It is as common as Emerald Ore is in Mountainous Areas.

Sapphire Ore: It is like Ruby Ore as common as Emerald Ore, but Sapphires are found under Oceans.

Bauxite Ore: It can be found above Y-Level 32 in Forests, Plains and other Areas with 'normal' Temperature. You will never find any Bauxite at Diamond Layer.

Tetrahedrite Ore: Found above Y-Level 32 in Mountainous Biomes, Jungles and Swamps. I would go for the surface Layers, as there is even more Ore above Y-Level 70, so Mountainous areas are perfect.

Cassiterite Ore: Found above Y-Level 32 in Mountainous Biomes, Icy Biomes and Mushroom Biomes. I would go for the surface Layers, as there is even more Ore above Y-Level 70, so Mountainous areas are perfect.

Nickel Ore: Between Y-Level 10 and 32 and can only be found in Mountainous Areas.

Sphaletire Ore: This can only be found under the Lava Lakes at Bedrock Level, and then there is only a small chance that you actually find it there. I heard that you can find tons of it in the Nether.