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"Become Supernatural, why don't you?"

Why Use AG?[edit | edit source]

Advanced Genetics is an absolutely great mod! It allows the player to potentially fly for free, eat grass off of the ground or even teleport!

Now, you might be thinking: "I've got my jetpack though! Why bother with anything else?" But doesn't that jetpack require power? And does it not take up an armor slot in your inventory? Imagine a world without Jetpacks, where you could fly for absolute free!

This mod really lets players stretch to the limits, allowing them to modify their own blood and insert Genes!

This mod is perfect for anyone progressing through their survival world, it gives player an alternative to Ender Pearls, Jetpacks or even food!

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Getting Started Advanced Genetics Guide, a detailed, long and easy guide to the whole of Advanced Genetics -A brilliant mod created by ObsiLP.

I shall be covering everything from A to Z on Advanced Genetics, please read carefully and in the order given to ensure you understand. Without further ado, please read on! :)

The Basic - “How it Works”[edit | edit source]

Advanced Genetics is a mod created by ObsiLP focused on transferring genes into your own player body or an entity's body to make them more “supernatural”. The procedure to acquire these Genes is all about dedication, time and effort, all of which is needed to learn this mod.

Below is how it works in a basic description:

  1. The player must collect Skin Scales from the entity they desire the ability from (See theComplete Gene List). This requires using a Scraper, the scraper only has one use: Scraping Skin Scales off of other entities!
  2. The player must then complete a long process of changing Skin Scales to Cells, then to Encrypted Helixes, then to Helixes and so on...

This process is usually quite slow, and the machine used to convert each item eat away at the fuel you give them, so be warned! This process can be sped up using Overclocker (Advanced Genetics)s

  1. The player must then complete a special Gene that contains a certain ability within it, once completed, they can combine it with a Syringe of their own blood or a entity's blood. Then finally centrifuge it!
  2. The player will stab the Syringe that contains the ability into themselves or an entity, giving them the desired ability. This can be the ability to fly, teleport, throw potions or even eat grass! This mod truly brings in some wacky and fun abilities available to the player.

Notes[edit | edit source]

- The abbreviation for Advanced Genetics should be 'Adv Genetics', this has been used commonly and should be the correct abbreviation. 'AG' is also acceptable and is used on the wiki more commonly.

- Advanced Genetics is all about jabbing, transferring, processing and blacking out; so please look away if you’re squeamish.

- All crafting recipes are shown in this guide.

- The majority of machines in this mod require power, and they eat it up very quickly; I recommend using Thermal Expansion's Steam Dynamo connected to conduits to power the machines.

- If and when the player dies with their abilities they shall lose them, this can be prevented by using a Homeostasis Tube or keeping backups(Player Death and How to Keep Backups).

Complete Gene List[edit | edit source]

All abilities are obtained by scraping Skin Scales, processing them and then combining them with your DNA via a Syringe. Below is the complete list of possible abilities with their official names.

  • No-Fall (Chicken) - You’ll take no fall damage just like a Chicken would, do note that this does not let the player glide as a Chicken would.
  • Infinite Milk (Cow) - Other players can milk you with a bucket.
  • Speed (Ocelot) - You can run faster.
  • Avoid Creepers (Ocelot) - Creepers are scared of you and flee from you if you come too close.
  • Wooly (Sheep) - Other players can shear you for wool.
  • Eat Grass (Sheep) - You can eat grass instead of anything else, no need for food anymore.
  • Climb (Spider) - You can climb walls just like a spider.
  • Jump (Horse) - You can jump higher.
  • Water Breather (Squid) - You can breathe underwater infinitely.
  • Fly (Bat) - You can fly just like if you were in Creative mode. All controls are completely the same as flying if in Creative mode. This can be considered cheaty as it requires no power.
  • Produce Stew (Mooshroom) - Other players can obtain stew from you with a bowl.
  • Teleporter (Enderman) - You can teleport yourself to where you’re looking by pressing “H”.
  • Save Your Inventory (Enderman) - When you die,your entire inventory is put into a Death Enderchest. You can retrieve these items upon respawning by collecting them from the Death Enderchest.
  • Swim In Lava (Zombie Pigman) - You can swim in lava! You will take no damage at all.
  • Shoot Fireballs (Blaze) - You can shoot basic fireballs! (These fireballs do not destroy blocks)
  • Explode Yourself (Creeper) - Create a Creeper hissing sound and expand as if you were about to explode. Press "U" to use.

Warning: You will explode if you press "U" 8 times and this will cause you to die.

  • Destroy Blocks With Fireballs (Ghast) - You can shoot advanced fireballs that destroy blocks with a resistance lower than 20.17.
  • More Hearts (Iron Golem) - Increase your heart capacity by 5 hearts.
  • Throw Potions (Witch) - Throw random potions where you’re facing by pressing “P”! NOTE: These are actually random, so be careful.
  • Withers Hit (Wither) - The entity you hit is given the “wither” effect the actual Wither can give hit the player with.
  • Ender Health (Enderman) - Craft a “Health Crystal” and store it in your inventory, it will take damage instead of you! If the Health Crystal is placed within 20 blocks of the player, he/she will be healed.
  • Infinity (Skeleton) - Shoot with the Genetic Bow infinitely without any arrows at all! NOTE: The Genetic Bow does have limited durability and will eventually break.
  • Slimy (Slime) - Upon death, you drop Slimeballs.
  • Resistance (Zombie) - You are given the resistance effect! This makes you harder to kill.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Get Scraping![edit | edit source]

First, we’ll need a “Scraper”, a wonderful tool capable of 'scraping' Skin Scales off of entities.

And to use, simply right-click animals/monsters when near and they will drop Skin Scales onto the ground. Scraping a entity does actually hurt them so be careful how much you scrape specific entities such as Bats or Chickens due to their low amount of health.

If your Scraper breaks due to its durability running out, craft another one! I would recommend crafting 3+ (you will need a lot of Skin Scales).

NOTE: You must obtain at least 32-ish Skin Scales from the animal you wish to obtain the ability from, and a few more from random entities! I.e. Chicken Skin Scales are used for a gene that prevents fall damage, Endermen Skin Scales are used for a gene that lets you teleport etc.

Once you’ve got your Skin Scales, it’s time to craft a DNA Analyser!

Place your Skin Scales in the DNA Analyser (which shall require power, like the majority of machines in Advanced Genetics. To power, I suggest using a Steam Dynamo with a stack of coal at the least!) and it shall slowly turn them into "Cells" for the animal the Skin Scales came from. These Cells are used for the Basic DNA Dictionary (this shall be used A LOT in the next few recipes).

You will also find that you receive Organic Drops, these are the waste the DNA Analyser produces when converting a Skin Scale to a Cell. Hold onto these and store them in a safe place, they might be extremely useful later on!

From here on, we begin the Machine Process. A complicated procedure of converting and processing.

The Machine Process[edit | edit source]

Now it's time to craft a DNA Extractor to place those Cells in, it will require energy to function!

Once a Cell has been inputted, the DNA Extractor shall immediately begin extracting the Cells into Encrypted Helixes. After the Extractor has finished its slow process of encrypting the cell, you will receive an 'Helix (Encrypted)'.

Craft a DNA Decrypter:

And then place the the Encrypted Helix in it, where it is decrypted into a "Helix" and shall reveal any traits it has, i.e. Such as “flying” or “teleportation” genes. Cool right?!

Craft a DNA Splitter:

And then place the Helix in it, here you can isolate which trait you want, if you only get the option of “Basic Gene”, just click that. It's better than nothing. (You might get lucky next time!)

Though if you manage to get a special trait on the Helix, make sure you choose that trait! It’s very rare to get anything other than a “Basic Gene”!

Now, if you were lucky enough to receive a non-basic gene (AKA: A gene with an ability) then craft a DNA Breeder:

And place it in the right slot of the DNA Breeder, this will then display how much material it requires to create a completed gene that contains your desired ability.

To progress and create your completed Gene, you must add more genes to it. Genes of the same type will add 2, while a Basic Gene will only add 1.

Jabbing Yourself[edit | edit source]

Congratulations if you've reached this far! Well done if you've just skimmed through this post.

Anyway, the time has come to create the most important item we’re going to need...the 'Syringe'! (Dun, dun, dun...!)

Once a Syringe has been acquired, you must jab yourself with it by holding right-click until the animation is complete, then releasing to quickly jab yourself. This should give you a blackout for a few seconds, but the Syringe will now be filled with a sample of your own blood. And you will see that the item appears filled rather than empty.

Craft a Centrifuge:

And place your Syringe with the sample of your blood in it, let it Centrifuge it using the fuel you give it. Finally, take out the Centrifuged Syringe and move onto the next step.

Combining the Syringe and the Completed Gene

  • To proceed your Gene must be fully complete, you won’t be able to continue unless you do so.

Ready? OK! Read on!

Craft a DNA Combiner:

And place the Completed Gene with the desired ability in the left slot and the centrifuged Syringe with a sample of your blood in the right slot. It shall then instantly start combining the two and will eat at your fuel!

Once they have been combined (after another slow process), you now are left with a Syringe combined with your gene. Centrifuge the Syringe once again and take out the output.

One last thing!

Need an Injection?[edit | edit source]

You have been brave to come this far. It must have been hard scraping Skin Scales and slowly placing different items into machines. I can't imagine how you did it, but you did. Your reward is so close. It isn't far now, don't give up! Keep going!

Only one last objective must be completed:

You must inject yourself. DO IT NOW! NOW I TELL YOU! NOW! Hold right click just like you would to take a sample of your blood, let the animation complete and let go.

  • Nausea shall occur for a few seconds to the player*




And there you go! You now have the trait of the entity you chose! Look at the Complete Gene List to find out how to use it. And remember, "with great power comes great responsibility".


If you wanted another ability, you’d have to complete the whole process again but with a different entity’s Skin Scales to obtain a different ability. Look at the Complete Gene List to find out about other abilities the player can obtain.

Other Blocks, Machines and Items[edit | edit source]

Removing Genes[edit | edit source]

So, firstly, we need to craft a DNA Transmutator:

This machine changes a completed Gene into an "Anti-Gene". And the name is pretty self-explanatory as to what it does.

So you’ll have to make your ability all over again, collecting the same Skin Scales, processing every item and completing the actual Gene. This should again take a fairly long time, though it wouldn't be fun it were easy, would it?

After you have completed the Gene in DNA Breeder (adding basic genes/ genes of the same type to complete it), you need to use a Syringe again and stab it into yourself by holding right click until the animation is complete and letting go. This Syringe will now have a sample of your blood on it which you will see upon holding it. Centrifuge the Syringe and that's that bit done.

Place the completed Gene in the right slot of the DNA Transmutator and you'll see on the left of the GUI how many Organic Drops you need to convert the Gene into an Anti-Gene. Organic Drops are the waste byproduct of the DNA Analyser, and you should have quite a few from earlier on actually make the Gene you put into yourself.

Once you have completed the Anti-Gene by inserting Organic Drops into the DNA Transmutator until it was complete, it's time to combine it with the centrifuged Syringe.

Craft a DNA Remover:

And then place your Centrifuged Syringe in the slot on the right and your Anti-Gene to your desired ability to remove in the left slot. It will slowly (requiring power) combine the Anti-Gene into the Syringe.

Finally, centrifuge the Syringe filled with the Anti-Gene and jab yourself to remove that ability! And there you go! You will no longer have that ability you removed!

NOTE: To remove another ability you must perform the whole process again but with a different Anti-Gene.

Player Death and How to Keep Backups![edit | edit source]

When the player dies, they shall lose all their Genes, thus losing all abilities. It is important to keep backups so that if such as time does come, the player shall not have to endure the whole procedure of acquiring them all over again.

First, take a sample of your modified blood with a Syringe, Centrifuge this Syringe in a Centrifuge and then store it somewhere safe. And then that's it done! Easy and quick, just make sure to always have a backup. I recommend making a few backups actually.

NOTE: An alternative option is available, the player can use the Homeostasis Tube.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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