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This page is a translated version of the page Getting Started (GregTech 5) and the translation is 22% complete.

GregTech 5 es un mod muy grande y comenzar con el es un poco difícil para algunos jugadores. Entonces GregTech 5 hace algunos cambios que pueden afectan severamente al juego, principales pueden estar revertido con los archivos de configuración.

Es recomendado tener instalado el mod NEI para mirar las recetas ya que hay muchas recetas que son difíciles y largas.

Also, here are some things that players new to this mod might want to keep in mind for version 5.0. This page will mostly document changes to vanilla Minecraft and Vanilla IC2. For Mod specific information see this page.

Cosas para Anotar

Tiempos largos de carga

Dependiendo en tu PC, el primer inicio de GregTech 5 carga en tiempo largo porque necesita a generar todas las configuraciones.

WARNING: THE FIRST start and only the first one WILL take a few Minutes. This is because the extremly large Config Files have to be created, but once they are created is starts up much faster.
GregoriusT , GregTech Thread
It is indeed an issue on my Side (due to my own Recipe System), but it is not optimizable anymore so we have to live with that.
GregoriusT , GregTech Thread

Unidades de SI

GregTech utiliza el Sistema Internacional de Unidades todo lo posible. Esto significa que tendras que aprender una nueva forma de unidades para minecraft para usar las maquinás:

  • 1 L (Litro) = 1 mb(milliBuquet). Esto significa que 1000 L = 1 Cubo.
  • 1 s (segundo) = 20 ticks.

General Philosophies

GregTech 5 has a few thematic ideas you should keep in mind when playing with it.

  • The vast majority of this mod's features come in patterns.
  • As technology progresses, energy consumption rises rapidly, raw material consumption decreases, and raw materials gain wider ranges of uses.
  • It is better to build big than to build fast. This applies to both construction and machinery crafting.
  • Technology leads to greater technology.
  • Everything can and should be automated.
  • Greater complexity leads to superior material results.
  • Think about what you're going to do before you do it. It's way too easy to get yourself killed because you didn't think.

Vanilla Changes


By default, GregTech 5 nerfs the vanilla Log -> Plank -> Stick recipes. Here are the new recipes.

Normal efficiency can be achieved through the use of a Saw or a Lathe, and even higher efficiency can be achieved with a Cutting Machine.

Tools and Armour

Ver también: Meta-Tools

GregTech 5 severely nerfs the durability of the Vanilla Wood and Stone tools. To make up for that, it introduces Flint Tools which have around the same durability as the unnerfed vanilla Stone tools. Flint Tools are crafted in the same configuration as Stone Tools using a Crafting Table. See for example the Flint Pickaxe.

GregTech 5 also changes the recipes for Metallic Tools and Armour from both vanilla and other mods (Thaumcraft Thaumium Tools for example). Tools and Armour made out of non-metallic materials (such as vanilla Diamond tools and armour) do not have their recipes altered.

Here is the recipe for the Iron Pickaxe, GregTech 5 style.

Another example, for the Iron Chestplate, GregTech 5 style.


GregTech adds additional meta-tool versions of Arrows, which can apply various potion effects on impact. Skeletons have a 1/16 chance per shot (configurable) to fire a random GregTech arrow.

Additionally, GregTech punishes monsters who stand too close together. By default, if 4 or more of one creature (peaceful or hostile) are standing within each others' hitboxes, they will all die from suffocation damage. This makes conventional farms much more difficult.

New ore Generation

Ver también: GregTech 5/Mining and Processing

Ore generation is no longer biome dependent. Ore nodes will be generated independent of biome, and distributed by altitude. GregTech will also override Vanilla Ore Generation for all vanilla ores, including Diamond, Coal and Iron Ores.

The ores will generate in large deposits which can span up to several chunks horizontally in the X and Z directions and two to three times the height of the player in the Y direction. This is very different from the vanilla ore generation system where ores get sprinkled randomly everywhere. This means that if you find an ore, there will be others nearby.

In addition to large ore deposits, GregTech will generate Crushed Ores and Small Ores randomly underground. Since these are randomly placed, they are not a very reliable source of materials, but are useful nevertheless if you stumble upon them.

Forge Xray is a very useful mod if you wish to visually see how GregTech generates its ores. The heights at which different Ores generate can be found in "GregTech\WorldGeneration.cfg" inside of your config folder.

The Bronze Age

It is now compulsory to go through the Bronze Age to progress with GregTech, assuming that other mods which affect the GregTech progression system are not installed.

Bronze Dust which can then be smelted into a Bronze Ingot is made as follows:

Your first machines will require a fair amount or Bronze. These are powered by Steam from either GregTech's own boilers or Railcraft Boilers. Though not required, you might want to later upgrade the Steam Machines to their High Pressure versions which will require Steel Ingots made from a Blast Furnace.

Flint and Steel

Here is the GregTech recipe for Flint and Steel which actually requires a Steel Nugget unlike the Vanilla recipe.


Hoppers now require a wrench. Do note that the wrench will not be consumed. It will take durability damage though.

IC2 Changes

  • GregTech automatically adds all its ores to the IC2 Miner list. You do not need to edit IC2.ini.
  • The IC2 Generator is automatically removed. You need to use GregTech's own boilers to generate Steam which you can use to turn turbines for generating electricity.
  • GregTech generates its own Uranium and Plutonium Ore. This means you can now disable all IC2 ore generation if you want mining to be more challenging.
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