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Getting Started (Panilla)

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This guide is on getting started with Panilla.

First day, first night, first week[edit | edit source]

If you've played Minecraft before, your first day is just like how it is in vanilla Minecraft. Get Wood, making a Crafting Table, make a Wooden Pickaxe, make a basic shelter.

The next step is to make a basic farm and home. Having a Wheat farm works fine for food. You can make a basic home out of Wood. Just to make it look a bit better, you can experiment with having the sides made of a different material, like another variant of Wood or Sandstone, Sugar Cane Blocks, Midori Blocks or Thatch.

Panilla house.png

The mobs that spawn in this modpack might be a bit tougher than Vanilla. For that, you're going to some gear– a full set of Iron armor and an Iron Sword should suffice.

Survival[edit | edit source]

In order to survive, you're going to have to do more than defend yourself against hostile mobs. With this modpack, you'll have to keep the following in mind:

Adventure![edit | edit source]

Now that you are settled down, maybe it's time to explore a little bit.

The Nether[edit | edit source]

The Nether is a dimension.