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Modicon Glacidus.png
Current developers115kino
Supported Minecraft versions1.12.2

Glacidus is a mod created by 115kino, Kingboo177 and Lachney. It adds the Glacidus dimension, a dimension with three layers.

Entering the Glacidus[edit | edit source]

The Glacidus portal is made by creating the following structure out of Packed Ice and Glowstone:

Glacidus structure.png

Once that structure is complete, it may be turned into a portal by breaking the Glowstone. Instead of breaking, it will turn into a Glacidus portal.

Glacidus portal.png

The Glacidus[edit | edit source]

The Glacidus is composed of three layers:

The Glacidus has weak gravity and low fall damage. It currently has no hostile mobs and is mostly desolate. The dimension can be exited through Glacidus Boosters found on floating islands in the first layer.

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