Glint Weed

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Glint Weed

Witchery Information

Witchcraft: Herbology
Emits an unearthly glow that illuminates it's surround [sic]. It can live anywhere, but spreads only on grass, dirt, and sand. Mutate this plant from another with Mutandis.
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The Glint Weed is a plant added by Witchery. It acts as an alternative light source, giving the same amount of brightness as a Torch. The Glint Weed can be placed on any material, but will only spread when placed on Grass Blocks, Dirt, or Sand. It can be placed on the undersides and tops of blocks, but not the sides.

This plant is only obtainable by using Mutandis on another plant. The chance that it is produced is random, so it may take multiple attempts to get the preferred plant.