Glowstone Illuminator (Thermal Expansion 3)

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This page is about the Glowstone Illuminator from Thermal Expansion 3. For other uses, see Glowstone Illuminator.
Glowstone Illuminator

ModThermal Expansion 3
TypeSolid block

The Glowstone Illuminator is a glowstone-filled lamp added by Thermal Expansion.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Illuminator Frame[edit | edit source]

The Illuminator Frame has no use, other than to make a Glowstone Illuminator, yet.

Glowstone Illuminator[edit | edit source]

Each Glowstone illuminator requires 500 mB of Energized Glowstone, equivalent to 2 Glowstone dust.

Modes[edit | edit source]

The Glowstone Illuminator has 6 modes. You can swap modes by right-clicking the illuminator with a Crescent Hammer or any other compatible Wrench.

  • Default on/Default off
    • On Default mode, the Illuminator's state is switched by applying a Redstone signal - Default on is switched off with Redstone, and off is switched on.
  • Scaled Proportional/Scaled Inverse
    • On Scaled mode, the Illuminator's light level is determined by the strength of a Redstone signal - Proportional is off at no signal, Inverse is on at no signal.
  • Always on/Always off
    • On Always mode, the Illuminator is not affected by Redstone signals.

Note[edit | edit source]

Illuminators can be dyed by right clicking the block with a piece of dye.