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Golem Animation Core (Fishing)

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Golem Animation Core (Fishing)

ModThaumcraft 4
TC4 Aspects






The Golem Animation Core (Fishing) is an item added by Thaumcraft 4. When applied to a golem, it will go to the nearest water block and fish in it. The bigger the body of water, the better the results are. Other factors include open sky and the golem's speed and strength. The golem however cannot pick up the fish it catches—as such it is best to have a Golem with the Golem Animation Core (Gather) nearby.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]



Instability: Negligible

This infusion has an instability level of "Minor"

Thaumonomicon entry[edit | edit source]

This core allows a golem to fish for your supper.
For best results the golem needs to be placed near deep and open water.
Golem strength determines fishing speed.
Air Upgrade: A fishing golem fitted with this upgrade has a small chance of catching more than one thing at a time.
Fire Upgrade: A fishing golem fitted with this upgrade will automatically cook any fish it catches.
Order Upgrade: Order upgrades will increase the chance of getting good fishing results.
Entropy Upgrade: Entropy upgrades will reduce the chance of getting bad fishing results