Golem Press (Thaumcraft 5)

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This page is about the Golem Press added by Thaumcraft 5. For other uses, see Golem Press.
Golem Press

ModThaumcraft 5
TypeMultiblock structure

The Golem Press is a multiblock added by Thaumcraft 5. It used to create Golems.

Construction[edit | edit source]

The Golem Press requires:

When finished, right-click the construct with a Wand to assemble the Golem Press; this will consume 50
, 50
and 50

Result[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Main article: Golemancy (Thaumcraft 5)

Right-clicking the Golem Press will open its GUI.

Golem Press GUI.png

In the upper right golden slot, the material of Golem can be adjusted. In the mid right golden slot, an addon module can added or adjusted. The group of three golden slots allow the head, arms and legs to be adjusted.

The middle section will show what traits will be in the created Golem. Below that is a list of its stats- its health, its armor protection and its damage. The last, right section will list what components are required to create the Golem. The components needed will be moved from the player's inventory into to the Golem Press when the Golem Press is activated.

Right-clicking the anvil button will activate the Golem Press. All of the required components must be the player's inventory to start it, except for Essentia; the Golem Press will automatically pull from an Emptying Essentia Transfuser or an Essentia Tube or the like when activated. After about a half second, the Golem will be given in the last, bottom-right corner golden slot.

Thaumonomicon entry[edit | edit source]

You have designed a special press that will allow you to craft simple golems. It includes an anvil and forge to make assembling the parts easier.

To assemble as golem you simply access the Golem Press and select the components you wish to craft the golem from. For now your selection is fairly limited, but you are sure you will develop more.
Each golem is made up from up to 5 components: The base material, a type of head, arms, legs and an optional addon module. Simply select which of these you want to use and a list of crafting components will be displayed on the right. You need to have the listed components in your inventory before you can start the crafting process.
Listed in the middle of the interface you will see the traits, hearts, armor and damage the golem will possess.
Lastly you will need to supply Machina essentia to the press. Several ports are provided below the main press mechanism for this purpose.
You can now place the golem wherever you wish, but it will not do much unless you also place down a Golem Control Seal. To learn more about them see the reseach category that will have unlocked.
When they have no tasks to perform, golems will return to the spot they were originally placed. You can pick up a golem by right clicking on it with a wand.
It is also possible to assign a color to a golem by clicking on it with dye. This is useful for limiting it specific seals. Picking up the golem will clear the color assigned to it.