Golem Upgrade: Order

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Golem Upgrade: Order

ModThaumcraft 4
TC4 Aspects


The Golem Upgrade: Order is an item added by Thaumcraft 4. It allows the player to use the Golemancer's Bell to designate "colors" on blocks for the golem to interact with them differently. Specific animation cores that benefit in other ways from this upgrade will have this noted in their articles.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Thaumonomicon entry[edit | edit source]

This upgrade allows golems to specify different colors for blocks marked with the Golemancer's Bell. This allows for greater control over what they do and where they do it.

This upgrade also unlocks certain features of some golem cores giving them a greater scope of operation.

Specific golem cores might benefit from this upgrade in other ways, so you might wish to check if additional pages were added to their Thaumonomicon entry.

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