Gravitite Ore

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Gravitite Ore

ModAether II
TypeSolid block

Gravitite Ore is a mineral ore block added by Aether II. It is found around 5 blocks from the surface in any island in the Aether. Its rarity is higher than that of Diamond Ore in the overworld.

Gravitite Ore has the unique property of falling upwards if there is any space above it - like Sand, but upwards. If it floats up more than 118 blocks[citation needed] into the sky, however, it will disappear and drop itself as an item.

It cannot be made into tools, armor or other accessories alone—it needs to be enchanted into Enchanted Gravitite using an Altar using 3 Ambrosium Shards to do so.

It requires a Zanite Pickaxe or better to mine.