Greater Ring of Magnetization

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Greater Ring of Magnetization

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The Greater Ring of Magnetization is an accessory added by Botania. It is an upgrade of the Ring of Magnetization, increasing the affected range from 13x13 to a 33x33 area around the player. Up to 200 items can be pulled at once. Items dropped by a player wearing this ring will not be pulled towards them for 5 seconds after dropping.

Solegnolia flowers will prevent this ring from pulling items inside its range, as well as blocking the rings of players in its range.

The ring will not pull relics, Mana-containing items like Mana Tablets, as well as Applied Energistics 2 crystal seeds like the Certus Quartz Seed.

To equip it, press the "B" key (by default) to open the Baubles inventory GUI, where the player can equip the Ring in a Ring slot.

Recipe[edit | edit source]