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Greed Shard

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Greed Shard

ModForbidden Magic
TC4 Aspects


The Greed Shard is a component added by Forbidden Magic. It is one of seven Infernal Shards and can be occasionally obtained by slaying mobs with a weapon or mining Nether Quartz in the Nether enchanted with Looting or Fortune respectively. It is not used in any crafting recipes.

Thaumonomicon entry[edit | edit source]

Strange energies swirl through the Nether. On occasion, they have been known to solidify into crystal shards when certain sympathetic events occur.

These crystals are imbued with different vices and have many uses for more unscrupulous Thaumaturges.

There are seven documented types of nether shard, each attuned to a different "deadly sin".

Wrath Shards crystallize around acts of violence. The more excessive the physical force used, the more likely it is for a Wrath Shard to appear.

Sloth Shard congeal when proxies and accidents are used to collect resources without effort.

Envy shards are taken from those who have them by those that covet them.

Pride shards materialize when a creature of truly great power is cut down to size.

Gluttony shards crystallize when someone feasts.

Greed Shards appear when enchantment is used to turn a profit.

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