GregTech 5/Myths

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  • GregTech does allow you to disable the Forestry bronze nerf in the config, although the nerf is enabled by default. Gregtech now supports the 4 bronze ingots for 3 copper and 1 tin, you just have to make it in an alloy smelter. Using ingots (in a crafting table) still only gives 1 bronze ingot out (but is still configurable)
  • GregTech does not make IndustrialCraft 2 machines any more likely to explode, even though GregTech machines are highly volatile. IC2 machines don't explode right now anyway however.
  • It is possible to make a matter fabricator even though it requires iridium in its recipe. This is because there are other ways to get iridium such as iridium ore, sheldonite ore, and platinum. No it's not, because it's been replaced by Greg's own mass fabricator.