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This page is about GregTech 6 for Minecraft 1.7.10. For other versions of GregTech, see GregTech.
GregTech 6
Modicon gregtech5.gif
Current developersGregoriusT
Latest version6.10.27
Latest Minecraft version1.7.10
Needed forGalacticGreg
Previously depended onIndustrialCraft 2
IRC channel#gt-devconnect

GregTech 6 is a mod created by GregoriusT, and it is a rewrite of GregTech 5. It is still being actively developed, with hooks for as-yet unimplemented engine types and antimatter. Unlike the other GregTechs before it, current versions of GregTech 6 do not require IndustrialCraft 2 to be installed. It is a complete, stand alone, technologically themed, overhaul mod.

GregTech 6 was originally going to be for 1.8, but due to IC2 not updating and other factors it was created for Minecraft 1.7.10.

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