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ModGregTech 6
Technical details
First appearance6.06.00

Roads are an optional feature that can be generated by GregTech 6. Roads exist to provide easy, and relatively safe, travel routes for players across the landscape. They must be activated in $instance/config/GregTech/WorldGenerationNew.cfg by setting worldgenerator{ streets{ Enabled_false = true. The Roads follow exactly along the coordinate axes of the Overworld, and are 24 to 32 blocks wide. This config setting also disables the vanilla terrain decoration mechanism used to add Trees and Lakes in the zone Min(x, z) < 64, and no Sticks, Rocks, or Ores will generate there either.

Roads are made of
Gray Asphalt with
White Asphalt markings, edged with Grey C-Foam Slabs in vertical rotations. Over land terrain that is no higher than the road, it will be edged by up to four lower rows of
Gravel, have two blocks of Gravel as the median, and fill the space between the generated landscape and a single layer of Gravel under the Asphalt with
Cobblestone. Each band of four blocks will put up a Retaining Wall if terrain blocks are more than two meters higher than the road at that edge, instead of a Gravel slope. This is a four block high checkerboard of
Light Gray Concrete and
Light Gray C-Foam above the road edge. All other blocks in the 16m above the Road will be set to Air.

If a chunk pair of roads (a 16m section) has enough terrain blocks above it, it will generate as a Tunnel instead. Tunnels have Gray Concrete meridians with White Concrete pillars supporting the White Concrete ceiling. A band a Gray Concrete runs along the walls and pillars with
Glowstone blocks embedded in the walls to provide light. Tunnels do not fill below them, have no Gravel, and only delete blocks inside them.

Where Road sections cross water biomes (River, Ocean, etc.), they will instead generate as Bridge sections. These have Gray Concrete meridians, edges, and layer under the Asphalt, and can still add Retaining Walls if required. Pillars of Gray Concrete with Light Gray Concrete caps and bases extend from the bottom of the Road down into the solid landscape below at the center of each chunk section.

The Crossroads surround world origin (x=0, z=0) in the Overworld; it can be activated without adding other roads by setting worldgenerator{ center{ streets{ Enabled_false = true, and will be present if Roads are activated. Once the Crossroads generate, it will set world spawn to 0,0. They comprise a 20x20 square of Light Gray Concrete blocks edged by Light Gray C-Foam, a ring of Gray Asphalt blocks, then a ring of Light Gray Concrete Slabs except where Roads would join. Beneath the entire 16 chunks of the Crossroads is solid Gray Concrete down to bedrock. Unless the Biome Diversity Area is also generated, the Crossroads will always surround itself with white Retaining Walls.

Distance Markers will generate every 512m, exactly straddling the corner of region files. These are a panel of colored Concrete with a White Concrete border, Glowstone lamps, and four
Signs displaying the file coordinates they are in. There is a small break in the meridian in this section, marked with alternating White and Red Concrete Slabs like at the edge of the Crossroads. Distance Markers will be the same color as the small patch at the Crossroads they are attached to:

Color Direction Axis

North -z

East +x

South +z

West -x

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Thaumcraft 4[edit | edit source]

Greatwood Trees still spawn in the clear cut area next to Roads. The logs and leaves are treated as terrain blocks for deciding to put up Retaining Walls or even Tunnel sections, and will be deleted if above a non-tunnel Road. Aura Nodes can also generate in the verge, but will similarly be set to Air (deleted) if they occur above the Road itself.