GregTech Sensor Card (GregTech 5)

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This page is about the GregTech Sensor Card added by GregTech 5. For other uses, see GregTech Sensor Card.
GregTech Sensor Card

ModGregTech 5
Tooltip textInsert into Display Panel

The GregTech Sensor Card is an IC2 Nuclear Control card added by GregTech 5, obtained through a GregTech Sensor Kit. When put in an Industrial Information Panel or an Advanced Information Panel, it will show the information provided by the used machine.


Machine Information shown Notes

Basic (GT) EU Consumer
 · Name
 · Machine progress
 · Stored Energy Units

(GT) Multiblocks
 · Machine progress
 · Machine efficiency
 · Number of problems

Battery Buffer
 · Name
 · Stored Energy Units

 · The target coordinates
 · The target dimension
GregTech 5 Unofficial only.

Quantum Tank
 · Name
 · The stored liquid
 · The amount of liquid stored
 · The tank size
GregTech 5 Unofficial only.

Quantum Chest
 · Name
 · The stored item
 · The amount of the item stored
 · The chest size
GregTech 5 Unofficial only.

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