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This is a guide to help players with the Compact Claustrophobia modpack.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The player begins play in a vanilla world and is teleported into a bedrock box. The only option is to use the Personal Shrinking Device to teleport into the Tiny Compact Machine, courtesy of the Compact Machines mod. The entirety of play-through in this modpack is conducted through these Compact Machines. The first size the player gets is a 3x3x3 Tiny Compact Machine. However, the player can unlock bigger sizes including 5x5x5, 7x7x7, 9x9x9, 11x11x11, and 13x13x13. There are many quest lines to complete, including adventures in "glitched" dimensions, the beginning quests, quests once the player expands to a new room, and further quests as the player gets larger and larger rooms.

Scavenging[edit | edit source]

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Many of the resources the player will need to gather to progress will come from a core part of the modpack called scavenging. This feature is used to scavenge for items in other blocks. By hitting at the walls of the Compact Machine with their fist, the player can get a variety of drops. Play progresses from here. Each pickaxe type has a specific role in the process of acquiring grits and blends needed to create machinery and progress through the quest-line. Common pickaxes like the wooden, stone, and iron pickaxe drop a variety of grits for the player to use. Pickaxes utilizing modded metals serve the purpose for a 100% drop chance at a single grit type, for example using a Constantan Pickaxe to get 1 Iron Grit for each hit at the wall. Each hit removes one durability from the pickaxe, as if mining a block.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

The first thing the player needs to do after beginning a play-through is to scavenge the walls of their Compact Machine. This action will drop either
Dirt Dust or
Gravel Dust upon each hit. This process damages the player, and will cease to work once the player is at low health. A
Dirt Block can be crafted out of Dirt Dust. Scavenging Dirt Blocks with an empty hand can be used to obtain crop seeds and Bonsai Saplings. Growth of nearby plants can be sped up by holding Crouch. Crouching for extended periods of time also yields the player Poop (Cropdusting), which is necessary later on for advancement.

Expansion[edit | edit source]

The main way to progress in Compact Claustrophobia is to create Compact Machines with varying sizes that allow for more space to place larger machinery and evolve the player's experience. As larger rooms are reached, more effort is required in a recursive manner until an entirely different process can be used altogether with a Miniaturization Field Projector. For example, to create a Small Compact Machine (5x5x5), one must use 4 Tiny Compact Machines (3x3x3) in the recipe.

Another Compact Machine[edit | edit source]

To obtain another Tiny Compact Machine with a 3x3x3 area, the player will need to make use of the Small Compactor. The Small Compactor is a multi-block structure crafted with some basic materials and Modularium. This machine requires specific blocks and sufficient power each time it is used. A common power generator is the Decay Generator which produces Redstone Flux (RF) based off of adjacent radioactive blocks that slowly decay. 4 RF/t can be achieved by putting one Uranium Block adjacent to the Decay Generator. The player can place the generator directly adjacent to the Tiny Energy Input Hatch to transfer RF and power the machine. It is recommended for the player to allow a buffer of energy to build up before attempting to use the machine. With the Small Compactor, the player can craft Compact Machine Walls, and eventually make another Tiny Compact Machine. It is possible to place Compact Machines within other Compact Machines, and this can be used up to an infinite depth.

Thermoelectric Array[edit | edit source]

It is possible to fit in 12 Thermoelectric Generators in a single tiny machine. This is an efficient way to generate constant energy for the early game.

It uses:

Creating Larger Rooms[edit | edit source]

The entire premise of the modpack is to play inside of Compact Machines that get larger as the player progresses. To obtain a larger machine size, one must craft the machine by utilizing previous, smaller machines. This recursive process holds true until the player can create a Miniaturization Field Projector to skip this process for the larger sizes. A core ingredient in the recipe for Compact Machines is Modularium, which is used to create the 4 Compact Machine Walls in the recipe and the Machine Casing in the center of the recipe. With more time put into the modpack, the player can automate parts of the process with more power or specialized blocks.