Gulg's Gurdle

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Gulg's Gurdle

Tooltip textSmash enemies into the air with your bare fists
Become tougher when close to a player with Mog's Quiver.
Armor rating2 (Armor.svg)

Gulg's Gurdle [sic] is an armor piece added by Witchery. It provides 2 (Armor.svg) armor points at 226 durability. When worn in the leggings slot, it will allow the player to launch entities up to 10 blocks by punching them with an empty hand. This is high enough for them to be afflicted by fall damage. It will also increase the player's punch damage up to 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) points, rather than the default 1 (Half Heart.svg). Wearing the Gurdle while near a player that is wearing Mog's Quiver will give the Gurdle wearer resistance effects.

It can be obtained by slaying Gulg.