Guns Without Roses

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Guns Without Roses
Modicon Guns Without Roses.png
Current developersLykrast
Supported Minecraft versions1.16.3
Mod IDgunswithoutroses

Guns Without Roses is a mod created by Lykrast. It adds several guns to the game, which are ranged weapons that use bullets as ammunition. It also adds several types of bullets, each with different effects, and a few enchantments for guns.

Guns[edit | edit source]

Guns added by Guns Without Roses all behave in a similar manner, right clicking fires a bullet from the user's inventory, with the same priority as a Bow, and puts the gun on a cooldown, similar to Ender Pearls. The damage and effects of the fired projectile depend on the bullet used, but some guns can modify those.

Guns have several stats that can be seen in their tooltips. Any stat that is modified by an enchantment is written in a different color.

  • Damage: a damage bonus/penalty applied to fired bullets, there can be both a flat damage bonus and a damage multiplier. If both are present, the flat damage applies before the multiplier and the tooltip will reflect that.
  • Fire delay: the cooldown period between two shots, in ticks.
  • Accuracy: the random deviation that each fired projectile has, higher value meaning lower deviation. A value of 1 is the same as a Bow, a value shown as "Perfect" means no deviation.

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