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HV-Transformer Upgrade

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HV-Transformer Upgrade

ModGregTech 4
Tooltip textHigher Tier of Transformer Upgrade
Previous tier

The HV-Transformer Upgrade is an upgrade added by GregTech 4, as an upgrade of the Transformer Upgrade. It can only be applied to machines that accept 512 EU/t (HV) or above. With it, it increases the maximum energy of a machine by one tier; just like the Transformer Upgrade. One HV-Transformer Upgrade with allow it to use 2048 EU/t (EV), two upgrades will allow it to use 8192 EU/t (IV).

Upgrades are applied by right-clicking a machine, and cannot be removed, even with a Wrench.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

EU: 12,800
Time: 160 secs
MaxEnergy: 4 EU/t