HV Capacitor

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HV Capacitor

ModImmersive Engineering
Max RF input4096 RF/t
RF storage4,000,000 RF
Max RF output4096 RF/t

The HV Capacitor is a block added by Immersive Engineering. It is used to store Redstone Flux (RF), up to 4,000,000.

Each side of the block has a certain configuration: no dots indicates no energy input or output, one blue dot and one orange dot indicating an input, and two orange dots indicating an output. Right-clicking the capacitor with the Engineer's Hammer will change this configuration (shift-right-clicking will change the side opposite the player clicks).

The HV Capacitor has no GUI. To find the current energy storage amount, WAILA or an Engineer's Voltmeter can be used.

Recipe[edit | edit source]