Heat Exchanger Controller

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Heat Exchanger Controller

ModAdvanced Generators
Blast resistance5

The Heat Exchanger Controller is a machine added by Advanced Generators. It is used to build the Heat Exchanger multiblock, which transfers heat between hot and cold fluids.


The Heat Exchanger has a temperature measured in HU and four internal fluid buffers each capable of holding 16 buckets: one for hot fluid input, one for cold fluid input, one for the product fluid from the hot fluid cooling, and one for the product fluid of the cold fluid heating. Temperatures can range from 0 to 1000 HU, and may fluctuate by up to 16 HU per tick per Heat Exchanger block in the structure. Each tick, the following operations open in order:

  • If heat is above 150 HU, some is consumed to convert some of the cold fluid (up to the max variation)
  • The Heat Exchanger loses 5% of its current temperature
  • Some hot fluid is converted to produce heat (up to the max variation)

Valid Fluids[edit]

Valid hot fluids are (by default):

  • Lava, which produces 30 HU/mB and outputs one block of Obsidian per bucket consumed (Obsidian is displayed as a fluid in the GUI, which is automatically converted into its item form when it reaches a full bucket)
  • Hot Coolant, which produces 8 HU/mB and outputs the same amount of Coolant

The only valid cold fluid (by default) is Water. 5 mB of Water are turned into 15 mB of Steam at the cost of 3 HU.


The component blocks can be arranged in any configuration the player wishes as long as the blocks are adjacent to other components of the multiblock structure.




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