Heavy Light

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Heavy Light

ModSanta's Toys
TypeSolid block

The Heavy Light is a block added by Santa's Toys. It is a light source that is functionally identical to the Vanilla Glowstone with the additional trait of being affected by gravity. This block responds to gravity in the same way that Sand or Gravel does. It will fall if there is no supporting block underneath it. When falling, it will not produce light. When stationary, it will produce the exact same amount of light as a Glowstone block. This block can be useful for lighting up ravines or deep caves without delving too deep into them.

It will use the exact same texture of the vanilla Glowstone block, even if a resource pack is being used.

This block was made on request by jordsta95 on the FTB Forums.

I added this mod before into an old 1.6 mod, but it is always a great idea that no one seems to think is a good idea. The block is so imaginatively called the drop light. I'm sure you can guess what it does...

That's right. It is essentially glowstone that is affected by gravity.

Really simple, but a god send in ravines that don't have lava in them. Just drop the block, and it will fall to the bottom, and light up the area where it lands :)
jordsta95 , FTB Forums

Recipe[edit | edit source]

"Santa's Toys"

"name" = ""Navbox Santa's Toys"" "state" = ""plain""