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Hemp Seeds (Better With Mods)

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This page is about the Hemp Seeds added by Better With Mods. For other uses, see Hemp Seeds.
Hemp Seeds

ModBetter With Mods

Hemp Seeds are seeds added by Better With Mods. By default, they are obtained by tilling Grass. This feature can be turned on and off in the following section of the mod's config file:

# Requires Tilling the ground with a hoe to get seeds.

Hemp Seeds must be planted on Farmland or Fertile Farmland (which will make the crop grow faster), and they also require sunlight, whether it be in the form of natural light or through Light Blocks. Hemp growth can be configured in the following section of the mod's config file:

hemp {
    # Modifies Hemp Growth Chance when planted on Fertile Farmland
    D:"Fertile Modifier"=1.33

    # Hemp has a 1/X chance of growing where X is this value, the following modifiers divide this value
    D:"Growth Chance"=15.0

    # Modifies Hemp Growth Chance when a Light Block is two blocks above the Hemp
    D:"Light Block Modifier"=1.5

    # Modifies Hemp Growth Chance for each other crop next to it 
    D:"Neighbor Modifier"=1.1

Hemp seeds can grow up to 2 blocks high. Although they can be harvested at just 1 block high, it is recommended to wait until they are fully grown. Harvesting the crop will return a bit of Hemp as well as some Hemp Seeds.