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Hopping Bonsai Pot

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Hopping Bonsai Pot

ModBonsai Trees
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance10
Technical details
Registry namebonsaitrees:bonsaipot
Unlocalized nametile.bonsaitrees.bonsaipot.hopping

The Hopping Bonsai Pot is a block added by Bonsai Trees. It is an upgraded version of the Bonsai Pot. It functions exactly the same as the normal Bonsai Pot, except it will automatically harvest its sapling and deposit its drops into an inventory directly below it. If it is provided with a redstone signal, or does not have an inventory below it, this functionality will be disabled. Hopping Bonsai Pot can also deposit its item straight into pipes, such as Itemducts from Thermal Expansion.

Recipe[edit | edit source]