Alarma Aullado

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Alarma Aullado

ModIC2 Nuclear Control
TipoBloque sólido
Nivel próximo

The Howler Alarm is a block from IC2 Nuclear Control. It is used to emit a loud siren noise when powered with a redstone signal. It is often used to warn users of overheating Nuclear Reactors, although it has frequently been used in pranks[1]. The Howler, unlike its counterpart, the Industrial Alarm, features the ability to select from two default sirens, along with other custom sounds that the user can add.


As of version 2.3.0a-Butt, the Howler Alarm can be dyed various colors. Right-clicking it with an Ore Dictionary-supporting dye or a Painter will dye it the corresponding color.

IC2NC Dyed Howler Alarms.png

Adding custom alarm sounds

To add new sound the player needs to unzip the mod file, copy the sound file (in alarm-<name>.ogg format) to assets\nuclearcontrol\sounds\ folder and update the file sounds.json with a new line:

"alarm-<name>": {"category": "master","sounds": [{"name": "alarm-***","stream": false}]},

Also the player will need to add this file to mod config file (config\IC2NuclearControl.cfg):


The folder can then be zipped back into a jar file again or used as is.



As of version 2.2.0a, the recipe was modified slightly, as inspired by the GregTech recipe.




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