Hunting Backpack

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Hunter's Backpack

Storage15 slots
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The Hunting Backpack (formerly "Hunter's Backpack) is a portable storage utility added by Forestry. It can hold items dropped by mobs such as Feathers, Eggs, Ghast Tears, and Blaze Rods.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Forestry backpacks have four modes. These modes can be toggled by crouching/sneaking and right clicking with the Backpack in hand. The four modes are Normal Mode, Locked Mode, Receiving Mode, and Resupply Mode.

  • Normal Mode automatically picks up items as long as they are accepted in the Backpack and there is space for them. Shift right-clicking a chest with this mode enabled will dump the Backpack's contents into the chest.
  • Locked Mode does not pick up items. Chest interaction is the same as in Normal Mode.
  • Receiving Mode acts similarly to Normal Mode, except that chest interaction will put whitelisted items into the backpack, rather than out.
  • Resupply Mode acts similarly to Normal Mode in both item pickup and in chest interaction, except it will keep corresponding items in the player's inventory stocked to a full stack as long as possible.

It can be upgraded into the Woven Hunting Backpack.

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