Hunting Dimension (dimension)

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Hunting Dimension
Hunting Dimension.png
ModHunting Dimension
This page is about the dimension. For other uses, see Hunting Dimension.

The Hunting Dimension is a dimension added by Hunting Dimension.

It is very similar to Plains in the Overworld, but has no caves or ores and is in eternal night. This means that hostile mobs are able to spawn at all times. The entire dimension defaults to the Plains biome, but the biome can be locally changed through the use of Creeping Moss.

On top of this, the following effects happen in this dimension:

  • Mobs that spawn in it have 4 (Armor.svgArmor.svg) bonus armor, 30% increased maximum health and 30% increased attack damage
  • Mobs killed in it have a 20% chance of dropping 2.5 times the normal amount of Experience and a 25% chance of dropping items as if the player had an extra level of Looting
  • Beneficial potion effects wear off twice as fast on players

It can be entered and exited through the use of a portal made of Hunting Dimension Frames.