Ice Shard (Ex Nihilo)

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This page is about the Ice Shard from Ex Nihilo. For other uses, see Ice Shard.
Ice Shard

ModEx Nihilo

The Ice Shard is an item added by Ex Nihilo. It is used to create Ice and Packed Ice.

Ice Shards can be obtained by mining Ice with a Hammer. Ice will always drop at least one Ice Shard and may drop more.

Ice Shard Drops
Ice Shards Probability
1 100%
2 75% (+10% luck bonus)
3 75% (+10% luck bonus)
4 50% (+10% luck bonus)
5 25% (+10% luck bonus)
6 5% (+10% luck bonus)

On average, Ice drops 2.7 Ice Shards (3 with luck bonus).