Imp Magic

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Imp Magic

Imp Magic is a mechanic from the Witchery mod. Imp Magic is performed through a tamed Flame Imp. It is used to perform various flame-related spells at the request of the tamer. These spells are in the form of various scrolls, or contracts, describing what must be done to whom. Craft a Demonic Contract with the according components for the spell, then that spell with the according taglocks. Then, if the contract is given to the Flame Imp, and the creature whose taglocks were used is in the same dimension, the spell will be cast. Imp Magic effects are able to be removed by dying or eating a Frozen Heart.

Imp Magic cannot be performed until the Flame Imp has enough "respect" for their master. Giving Flame Imps valuable materials will make them have more respect.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Name Effect Components
Fiery Touch Causes fire when the victim interacts with blocks. Blaze Rod
Ember Moss
Melting Touch All blocks the victim harvests are automatically smelted. This has the chance to double ores. Lava Bucket
Living Flame Summons a Blaze to attack the victim. Blaze Rod
Hint of Rebirth
Evaporation Causes water around the victim to evaporate. Blaze Rod
Magma Cream
Fiery Tolerance Grants a long duration resistance to fire and heat. Blaze Powder