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IndustrialCraft 2/Guide/Credits

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  • ShneekyTheLost - Original creator
  • Coderj27 - Began re-writing for wiki
  • Milcondoin - Fixed Coderj27's links
  • Missingo15303 - Added some basic information about Electric Furnace, BatBox and Generator
  • Skrug15354 - Fixed some grammar
  • Alistaire14820 - Added See Also section
  • Jinbobo - Updated templates (via bot)
  • Robthehood - Added to Gathering Resources section
  • Arvincat - Added Electric Smelting section
  • TheSatanicSanta - Added recipes to Electric Smelting section, made Energy Storage and Ore Processing section
  • Chocohead - Updated information for experimental, rewrote + restructured entire guide, and wrote this