Industrial Electroplater

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Industrial Electroplater

ModFactory Tech
Blast resistance12

The Industrial Electroplater is a machine added by Factory Tech. The Industrial Electroplater dissolves materials in Sulphuric Acid and then uses an electric current to deposit the materials into a catalyst item. In this way, metals can be extracted more efficiently from ores.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Operation[edit | edit source]

  • 500mB of Sulphuric Acid are required per operation.
  • A catalyst item must be placed in the output slot for the electroplating to begin.
  • Ground Ores become 2 ingots. Redstone becomes 1 Glowstone. Sand becomes 1 Nether Quartz.
Catalyst Input Item Catalyst Input Item
Iron Ingot Ground Iron Ore Gold Ingot Ground Gold Ore
Copper Ingot Ground Copper Ore Nickel Ingot Ground Nickel Ore
Glowstone Dust Redstone Dust Sand Nether Quartz
Liquid Sulphuric Acid.png

Maintenance Requirements[edit | edit source]

The following parts are required for ongoing maintenance:

Part Variants Guaranteed uses Chance of breaking Cumulative break
chance increase
Salvage chance

8 20% 50% 80%

2 40% 20% 100%
Mixing Blades
16 10% 10% 0%