Infernal Iron

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Infernal Iron

ModAdventurer's Amulets
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Infernal Iron
With the Infernal Iron in your inventory, you will need to journey into the Nether to charge it up with pure heat, once full, it can be used for crafting.

The Infernal Iron is an item from Adventurer's Amulets. It is used in the creation of the Infernal trinkets and runic blocks. When crafted, it will have no charge, so it will not be able to be used in any crafting recipes. The player must travel to the Nether with it in their inventory for it to charge. It will charge passively while present in the player's inventory. Once fully charged, it can be used in crafting recipes. Its charge is indicated by the durability bar as well as the brightness of the texture (when fully charged, it will be brighter).

Recipe[edit | edit source]