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Inflictor Gem

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Inflictor Gem


The Inflictor Gem is an item added by Embers. It reduces natural damage (damage from non-mob sources) from one type of source (e.g., falling, set on fire) when held in the player's hand; the Gem will attune to the source upon taking damage from it. Up to seven Inflictor Gems can be sewn into an Ashen Cloak with a String and they can be removed by crafting the Cloak in a Crafting Table. Shift right-clicking with an attuned Gem clears its attunement at the cost of five hearts.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

The Inflictor Gem is created through Ember Alchemy in an Exchange Tablet with a Dawnstone Aspectus with 32-48 Ashen Dust on one Alchemy Pedistal and a Lead Aspectus with 24-40 Ashen Dust on another Alchemy Pedestal.


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