Infusion of the Overworld

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Infusion of the Overworld

The Infusion of the Overworld is an infusion ritual added by Witchery. This ritual gives players the power to manipulate the earth and metals. When performed, the player will likely die. Dying will result in a failed infusion. To prevent death on infusion, it is recommended to use a Death Protection Poppet can be bound to the player performing the ritual.

The abilities available through the Infusion of the Overworld are utilized with various controls using a Witches Hand:

  • Use on an entity holding a metal item to disarm them.
  • Use on the ground to create a 3 high pillar of dirt with a grass block on top.
  • Use on an unobstructed block to launch it in the direction the player faces, dealing damage to any entities it hits.
  • Sneak+use to bring any nearby dropped metal items towards the user.
  • Hold down and release the use key to create a circular shockwave that pushes and damages all surrounding entities. The longer the key is held down, the farther the shockwave will travel.
  • Use on an ore block to turn it to Stone and drop 2 ingots of that metal.
  • Punch a nearby entity in metal armor to push them a great distance.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

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7x7, 11x11
Rite of Infusion

You must stand in the circle.

Soul of the World

Altar power 0