Insulated wire (RedLogic)

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This page is about the Insulated wire from RedLogic. For other uses, see Insulated Wire.
Insulated wires

TypeSolid block
Picture 1: The 16 different colored Insulated wires don't connect to each other, but connects to non-insulated Red alloy wire (below) and Bundled cables (above).

The Insulated wires are redstone wires added by RedLogic. These are used for transmitting redstone signals. Their signal range is 239 blocks. They can connect to Bundled cables and non-insulated Red alloy wires (as shown in Fig. 1). They can be placed on any face of a block.

There is a variant of the cable for each of the standard 16 colors; differently colored cables cannot connect to one another (shown in Fig. 1). This allows to more narrowly space different signals together.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

The recipes described below will focus on White Insulated wires, though colors can be substituted with a crafting material of the desired color.