Inventory Extender

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Inventory Extender

ModGregTech 6
TypeSolid block
Tooltip textRelays Inventories
Cannot be attached to other Extenders!
Blast resistance6.0

The Inventory Extender is a block added by GregTech 6 that expands the surface size of any blocks from any mods with an item inventory, including but not limited to GregTech machines, item storages, item pipes, vanilla chests, or hoppers. It essentially turns any singleblock machine into a multiblock structure so that it has more sides to interact with pipes.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Inventory Extender has 1 main side, 1 secondary side, and 4 neutral sides. The main side is defined as the side with 4 small circles, the secondary side is the side with 4 triangles pointing outwards, and the neutral sides are any other sides. By right-clicking a side with a wrench you can set it to be the main side, and with a monkey wrench you can set it to be the secondary side. It is also possible to have a single side being both the main and the secondary.

Direction / Side Main Secondary Neutral
Pushed into redirected to secondary redirected to main redirected to main
Pulled from redirected from secondary redirected from main redirected from main

When an item is being pushed into the main side (by an item pipe for example), it will instead be pushed into an inventory of a block facing the secondary side. Items getting pushed into any other sides, including the secondary one, will instead be pushed into an inventory of a block facing the main side. Likewise, when an item is being pulled from the main side (by a hopper for example), it will instead be pulled from the secondary side. And items getting pulled from any other sides will instead be pulled from the main side.

The Inventory Extender has no limitation on the number of items to be transported per tick, and it has no delay time at all. However, extenders cannot be chained in a row, for instance, if a block facing the main side of an extender is another extender whose main side is facing a chest, items being pushed into the first extender will not be sent to the chest but they refuse to move. This means it isn't possible to use extenders as instantaneous item pipes.