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Isotope Separator

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Isotope Separator

TypeSolid block

The Isotope Separator is a block added by NuclearCraft. It is used to convert an ingot or dust of a radioactive substance such as Uranium or Thorium into separate lumps of two different isotopes.

NuclearCraft introduces a number of radioactive elements and specifies a few different isotopes for each one. Placing an ingot or dust of one of these substances into the Isotope Separator produces an amount of two different isotopes.


  • Uranium ingots are converted to Uranium-238 and a small amount of Uranium-235.
  • Thorium ingots are converted to Thorium-232 and a small amount of Thorium-230.

The isotope products are then used in the crafting of Fuel and ultimately Fuel Rods.

Recipe[edit | edit source]