Item Pipe (GregTech 5)

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This page is about the Item Pipe added by GregTech 5. For other uses, see Item Pipe.
Item Pipe

ModGregTech 5
TypeSolid block

The Item Pipe is a block added by GregTech 5. It is used to transport items.

Item Pipes can be made from Brass, Electrum, Platinum, or Osmium (in order of ascending tier) and in Normal, Large, and Huge sizes. Each successive tier in material and size will be able to hold twice as many items as the one before it. For example, a Normal Brass Item Pipe can transport 1 stack of items per second whereas a Huge Osmium Item Pipe can transport 32 stacks of items per second.

It is possible to attach Covers to Item pipes. Shutter Modules, Conveyor Modules, Robot Arms, and Machine Controllers can be used to control how items are transferred. Additionally, Plates and Foils can be used to close sides of Pipes to prevent them from connecting to other Pipes.

Pipe blocks contain item slots equal to their transport capacity. Every second they will attempt to transfer their items to the nearest non-Pipe inventory capable of accepting items. After transferring the items, all slots in all pipes that items have traveled through will lock up for 1 second; despite that, items travel instantaneously through pipes without delay. If no connected inventory can accept the items inside the Item Pipe, they will stay in the pipe and block new items from entering until a connected inventory can accept them.

Restrictive Item Pipes function like normal Item Pipes, but the 'nearest inventory' calculation treats them as being significantly longer than normal pipes; as such, an item will only travel through a Restrictive Pipe when it has no other pipes to go through.

Item Pipes can be painted using IndustrialCraft Painters for easier identification.

Note: GregTech machines will not accept more than 1 full stack of any one item through pipes.

Tip: When items get inserted into specific slots with Robot Arms or Regulators, they will only use that slot internally and the other slots can still be used even when that item cannot exit the Pipe.

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