Jack o'Launcher Ammo

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Jack o'Launcher Ammo

Technical details
First appearance1.12.2-1.0.0

Jack o'Launcher Ammo is an item added by Jack-O'-Launcher. It is used as ammo for the Jack o'Launcher.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Like Firework Stars, Jack o'Launcher Ammo can be crafted with multiple items that changes the projectile's properties. To be crafted it requires either a Pumpkin or a Jack o'Lantern alongside at least one item in the following list (except Wool). More items of the list can be added to add different properties to the projectile.

The following items are valid and give the following effects:

Item Effect Max amount

Makes an explosion on impact, size scales with amount of Gunpowder 8

Firework Rocket
Projectile ignores gravity, deals area damage on impact based on the number of Firework Stars used and travels based on the Rocket's travel time 1
Splash Potion Applies the potion's effect on impact 1 (shared with Lingering Potion)
Lingering Potion Applies the potion's effect on impact 1 (shared with Splash Potion)

Fire Charge
Explosion and bounces create fires, set mobs on fire on direct hit 1

Wool (any color)
Explosion does not destroy blocks 1 (requires Gunpowder)

slimeball (any matching item)
Projectile bounces before detonating, number of bounce is equal to the amount of matching items used 8

Bone Block
Bone Meal effect on impact 1

Ender Pearl
Teleports the user on impact 1

Launches arrows around on impact 8

nuggetIron (any matching item)
Increases impact and explosion damage 4