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Start dateJuly 1st, 2014
End dateJuly 31st, 2014
Conducted byFTB Team

JamPacked was a competition hosted by the FTB Team that tasked participants to make a modpack and map using the Hardcore Questing Mode mod. There were two different entry types; solo and team. The team section was sponsored by Curse, providing the prize, while the solo section was sponsored by CreeperHost. Teams were to have three people.

The winners were to be given a custom built "Gaming PC". This thread on the FTB Forums announced JamPacked.

Modpack creation[edit | edit source]

The participants were given one month to create a modpack. The two requirements were that it included HQM and was in the Minecraft Version 1.6.4. However, very little word was given on how to submit the packs until the closing date had nearly arrived. A response form was created, and the participants were given ten extra days to work on their packs.

Results[edit | edit source]

Material Energy^3 by parcel31u was the winning solo-modpack. Though this modpack won, through the competition, the Running Red entry by Gideonseymour was also given a spot in the 3rd Party Pack tab in the launcher. Material Energy^3 being put on the launcher as listed was a decision independent of the competition.

There was never an announcement about the team modpacks, however.

The following post was made by Captainnana announcing the solo results:

And so we finally have a winner for the individual modpack creation competition and it is Parcel31u for Material Energy^3. This announcement has been a long time in coming and that goes to show the level of the entries that we received. The overall standard of packs that we received in the individual competition was a lot higher that I think any of us expected, from the immensely popular Crash Landing to the awesome work showing of HQM and fantastic storyline with Running Red the really great packs that I hoped to see have appeared and hopefully are here to stay. All three can be downloaded now from the third party packs tab of the launcher.

ME^3 was one of the first packs we played (maybe even the first one) and it immediately grabbed us. Strong in every area, from storyline, modpack creation and balance, map creation and showcasing Hardcore Questing Mode I think most people who have played this map recognised how good it is and in my mind is a worthy winner.

As I am sure many of you are aware this was an extremely tight competition that tied the judges meaning we had to draft in an extra judge which along with several other totally avoidable things delayed this result. Next time I will try to avoid having the closing date clash with a major convention :D.

As to the team event. Our current plan is to relaunch this competition for 1.7. All the entries from the original competition have been contacted and notified and we are waiting to here feedback from them all before confirming this 100%. However as long as everything goes OK, I am currently thinking of running this through 2nd half October and first half of November.

Finally I want to thank everyone who entered into both events. Hopefully some of you may continue to work on and develop your modpacks or start your own pack.
Captainnana , FTB Forums