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This page is about the Key added by Draconic Evolution. For other uses, see Key.

ModDraconic Evolution

The Key is an item added by Draconic Evolution for use in Adventure maps. It has no crafting recipe and cannot be obtained without cheats in survival. It is used to unlock Creative Key Stones. When in Survival, the Key displays no details about itself, but when in Creative the Key will display it's state. The three states it can be in are Unbound, Bound, and Creative Master Key.

When Unbound, the Key will not be glowing. It can then be right-clicked on a Key Stone to bind it to it, this changes it to a Bound Key. A Bound Key will only work on the keystone that it was bound too, and it has a certain key code so only that key will work on it. It will display it's key code and coordinates of it's bound Key Stone. Attempting to use a key not bound to the keystone the player is trying to use it on will display the message "This key dose [sic] not fit the lock". Some keystones will consume the key when activated. The Creative Master Key is a little different, it can activate or deactivate any keystone, and is not used up. This is useful for inverting the function of some keystones.