Killer Joe

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Killer Joe

ModEnder IO
TypeTile entity
Blast resistance10

The Killer Joe is a tile entity added by Ender IO. This is a robot used to kill entities in a 5x5x4 area in front of it. It uses Nutrient Distillation as a fuel and can store up to 2000mb of liquid. However, it does not require a source of power. The robot uses 5mb per sword swing. The player must provide a sword or an axe to the robot that can be enchanted as the enchantements on it will be applied. Moreover, the sword will take damages so the player needs to be sure that the robot is holding a sword to automate the killing process. The mobs drops will stay on the ground.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Configuration[edit | edit source]

The Killer Joe possesses 3 buttons:

  • Redstone Mode that can be used to control the robot with a redstone input
  • Configure IO. This button can be used to input Nutrient Distillation on one side automatically to fuel the robot. The player can also output experience orbs in an external tank
  • Show / Hide range This button is used to display a red square, the range of the robot.