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LV Capacitor

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LV Capacitor

ModImmersive Engineering
Max RF input256 RF/t
RF storage100,000 RF
Max RF output256 RF/t

The LV Capacitor is a block added by Immersive Engineering. It is used to store Redstone Flux (RF), up to 100,000.

Each side of the block can be configured to accept or donate energy:

  • No pips indicate no energy input or output
  • One blue pip and one orange pip indicate energy input
  • Two orange pips indicate an output. Right-clicking the capacitor with the Engineer's Hammer will change this configuration (shift-right-clicking will change the side opposite the player clicks).

The LV Capacitor does not have a GUI. The Engineer's Voltmeter can be used to display the currently held amount. The Capacitor retains its stored energy when mined and picked up.

Recipe[edit | edit source]