LV Wire Coil

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LV Wire Coil

ModImmersive Engineering
RF traversing2048 RF/t

The LV Wire Coil (pre-0.6 known as the Copper Wire Coil) is a wire added by Immersive Engineering. In order for Redstone Flux (RF) to enter or exit it, a LV Wire Connector is needed. The LV Wire Coil can only stretch up to 16 blocks, through blocks and/or liquids. Additionally, it can only manage up to 2048 RF/t; for any higher, a MV Wire Coil is needed.

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Power loss[edit | edit source]

With the default configuration, RF being transmitted over LV Cables has a 5% loss for every 16 blocks traversed (one chunk). This loss is applied to the starting amount of RF, so a 32 block traversal will see a 10% loss in RF, a 48 block traversal 15% loss and so on, reaching 100% loss at 320 blocks.

Additionally there is a penalty applied for not fully using the cable- the above loss is increased by a factor that is 10% per 25% of the cable capacity that is unused.

For an example- As the capacity of LV cables is 2048 RF/t, transmitting 512 RF/t over 128 blocks will have an efficiency penalty of 30% (since it is using only 1/4 of the LV cables capacity) - which is applied to the LV cable penalty: 5% + (30% * 5%) => 6.5%. The distance is 128 blocks, so the loss over that distance is- (128 / 16) * 6.5% => 52% loss- for a final product of 245 RF/t.

Since Immersive Engineering 0.6, LV Wire Coils are capable of carrying a total of 2048 RF/t. However, LV Connectors are only capable of inputting and outputting 256 RF/t each. Multiple LV Connectors can be used to make the LV Wire Coil carry more energy. A total of 8 LV Connectors– transmitting 256 RF/t– can be merged into a single LV Wire Coil for the transportation of 2048 RF/t.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Pre 0.8-28[edit | edit source]

This information pertains to an older version of the mod.

FTB Infinity Evolved[edit | edit source]

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