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Lamp (Project Red)

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This page is about the Lamps from Project Red. For other uses, see Lamp.

ModProject Red
TypeSolid block
Required modulesIllumination
The light cone of a White Lamp. (yellow cone = no mob spawn / red cone = light zone)

The Lamps are light sources added by Project Red. They need a redstone signal from red alloy cables, redstone, an adjacent circuit or other blocks/machines, which emits a redstone signal, to illuminate. The inverted version is the Inverted Lamp.

There are 16 colors for the Lamps (see below).

The Lamps form a quadratic cone of light and the luminosity amounts to 14 spaces straight in all 4 directions from the block. However, the light is so strong that no mobs spawn only up to a distance of 7 blocks.

Recipe[edit | edit source]